Joining The Witness Cloud

Jesus told the story of a sower sowing seed.  Seed falls in different areas along the sower’s route.  The condition of the soil determines the growth of the crop.  The Witness Cloud is a commitment to giving God His rightful place in relation to the soil of our lives.  Soil does not clear itself of stones; soil does not uproot weeds that have taken root within it; soil does not cultivate packed down dirt.  The commitment of The Witness Cloud is to make human soil receptive to being loosened up, to being weeded, to being cleared.

First Steps

At its most basic commitment, we invite you to add to your regular quiet time, devotions, or prayers, the Morning and Evening Prayer Offices.  Active engagement in these daily offices will lay the foundational groundwork of richly nourishing the soil of your life.  You may initially  opt to use the shorter Franciscan offices from Celebrating Common Prayer.  You should eventually move to the full offices of The Book of Common Prayer.

Intermediate Steps

There are a number of next steps that a person may take to develop their engagement of the daily offices.  The right step to take is the one that you are ready to take – the one that the Lord moves you to, and that challenges you to deeper devotion.  Perhaps you will add the declaration of The Athanasian Creed to the prayer of the office, in place of the Apostles’, at times.  Perhaps you will substitute The Litany at the close of the offices, at times.  Perhaps you will adopt the recitation of the Jesus Prayer hourly throughout the day (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner).  Perhaps you will adopt another Christian brother or sister as an accountability partner.  Perhaps you will add Mid-Day and Night Prayers (Compline) to your daily regimen.  We strongly recommend this final option.  Four daily offices become an important way of dividing the day into appropriately-sized portions, and therefore help us to remain focused throughout the day.  Perhaps you will take up some further devotional reading around the adoption of the classic Christian spiritual disciplines.

You should also find a group of similarly-minded Christians with whom you can meet for prayer (and accountability, as above).  This need not replace the Christian community that you are already a part of.  It should supplement it, however.  If you are interested in connecting with other members of The Witness Cloud where you are, let us know.  Our recommendation is that you should meet to pray one prayer office each week in the company of others.