The Witness Cloud is a place where people who are seeking the fullness of Jesus in their lives, rising from a growing sense that Jesus is relentlessly pursuing them, can come together.  Space and time, country of origin, first language, denominational affiliation, gender or any other barrier between peoples – all these are undone in Christ Jesus.  May we abide in Him.  May He abide in us.

Our goal together is to make ourselves available to God: not to occupy ourselves in the cares and changes and chances of the world, and so stifle God’s work in us.  Rather, that through regular prayer our lives would be framed that we are ready to receive God’s good gifts of sanctification as He chooses to give them to us.  The Witness Cloud is creating opportunities to join our prayers with each other, with those who have gone before, with those who will come after, in a life-context setting way.

Life is prayer, and life’s circumstances (including work, family, friends, etc.) are encountered in between the regular, structured, daily prayer offices.  The standard of this community is to join in the communal prayers four times a day.  Is life-framing, and life agenda-setting, prayer what God is calling you into?  Join with us.

Consider downloading our pamphlet Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi for more on this, either here or from our downloads page (where you can view other resources available for download).